Monday, July 14, 2014

Roving Eye Tavern Isometric

This third installment of the isometric "domiciles" from & Magazine Issue 9 is of the Roving Eye Tavern. A simple dive of an eating and drinking establishment. The front tap-room has enough sitting room, and a small bar with accompanying kegs. There is a hearth for warming and place for the "bouncer" to sit. 

The back room has a kitchen with cooking hearth, and plenty of counter space for chopping and prepping. A stair in the back leads up to the owners and servants quarters and a door leads to a back alley where deliveries might be made. 

Again this Isometric comes from the article "Three Shops" by Jeff Bowes that was published in Issue 9, and I am told will be reformatted and published as a stand alone product that will be available in pdf form. Check & Publishing's website for more details in the coming weeks. 

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This being the third of my Isometrics, I used the lessons I learned from the first two in this one. The textures of the exterior are better, and the interior details are much more clean. The 1st level is simple, just a front room and a kitchen area. Again the stairway gave me fits in isometric style, but I am much more happy with it than with Proudfoot & Archer

Little touches make this building interesting, the rat in the keg room, the torches on the wall, and all of the kitchen accouterments work well. 

The upstairs isn't much dissimilar than that of Proudfoot & Archer, the beds are of the same style and the doors as well are wooden and simple in design. 

I wish I would have planned better on the page, so that I could have included more of the roof line and details, but for play-ability it wasn't necessary. The second level exterior I am very proud of, with the varied types of siding, and scale details under the front windows. The gables too work quite well. 

I hope you can use these in your games. 

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome. Thanks for all of the +'s they are appreciated.

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