Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"What's Beneath the Well" Isometric Dungeon

I have always been interested in the wells within small villages, towns and even large towns in our favorite RPG game. There is something about the idea that we draw clean clear water from deep below the earth from aquifers and other sources of water below our feet. With this project I am launching a series of isometric dungeons that explore the varieties of dangers that lurk there as well. Not only can we expect our wells to produce life sustaining waters but perhaps they are also avenues from which the dangers of the world come from. Sort of like the troll under the bridge or the monster under the bed. 

I have released a label free, black and white isometric of this dungeon on RPGnow that is a 300 dpi TIFF image that can be printed for personal use on 11x17 paper or shrunk down to fit any size. 

In the future I will be releasing a colorized version, as well as a completely labeled and stocked version of this same isometric dungeon. 

I hope you like what you see, thanks for taking the time to look and comments are always welcome. 

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