Sunday, January 31, 2016

Port Greely Lobstermen for AS&SH (WIP shots)

After the Hyperborea Kickstarter Three Pack we took a bit of a breath and then dove deep into Mystery at Port Greely for +Jeff Talanian Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Game. 

I will be assisting the excellent Peter Mullen in the interior artwork for this H.P. Lovecraft inspired adventure module that will probably be finished up by mid to late February early March.

I am tapped to illustrate a Lighthouse, a Tavern Scene and this the first illustration of some Lobstermen on the Port Greely docks for the city part of the adventure and several more for the dungeon portion. It should be a rousing fun time. 

Here is the roughs, and the final further down. 

Copyright Del Teigeler 2015. Licensed to North Wind Adventures LLC 2015.
I drew this first guy out roughly and shipped it to Jeff for confirmation. I really wanted that sort of mysterious feel to him, and suspicion painted upon his face as if he knows that whomever comes by way of the sea does not belong there. 

Copyright Del Teigeler 2015. Licensed to North Wind Adventures LLC 2015.
After that I added a second figure (later to be moved backward in the scene). They both have lobster pots over their shoulders. 

Copyright Del Teigeler 2015. Licensed to North Wind Adventures LLC 2015.
Here everything is transferred to the final brisol board in this case it is a whopping 11x17.  I also laid out the docks and several buildings in the background. 

Then came the inks.  

Copyright Del Teigeler 2015. Licensed to North Wind Adventures LLC 2015.
I like to block out the larger areas of black with a flat brush and india ink...I think it is speedball, but I also add rapidiograph black into to it to keep it filled. Makes a nice black that is permanent, takes erasing very well, and it doesn't react with the alcohol based markers I typically use. 

Most artists will shade out the blacks and dark areas in pencil, but I have yet to get the feel for it, and actually like the way the inks lay over bristol without lead (graphite) on it. 

Copyright Del Teigeler 2015. Licensed to North Wind Adventures LLC 2015.
A bit more detail to the wooden planks, rope and a large frog. Started to ink in the sea-wall as well. I used a bit of white-out (white paint) for the water effect here as well. 

Copyright Del Teigeler 2015. Licensed to North Wind Adventures LLC 2015.
Our second Lobsterman is inked in and work continues on the stones of the roadway. 

Copyright Del Teigeler 2015. Licensed to North Wind Adventures LLC 2015.
And the final image. I would normally move to greys here, but after talking with Jeff, we both rather liked it as a black and white. 

I am still not completely sold on the mist wafting in, but it adds that bit of mystery to the whole peice.

I look forward to being able to release a few more of these as soon as Mr. Ghul gives me permission, but he wants to maintain the mystery of the project beyond this peice. 

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Horror at Hill Stead Published!

I just posted the link to a project I finished up with +Thork Hammer titled The Horror at Hill Stead, it is up on and for pay-what-you-want with a suggested price of $3.00, it is also available through as well for POD. 

Here is the blub:

This adventure module is designed for characters of levels 4 to 8 using the original game rules of 1974, and 1975-76 supplemental handbooks. It includes maps of a partial wilderness, a 3-level keep-like structure, description matrixes, encounter tables and background information, as well as a party of pregenerated characters for players to use when exploring the locations provided.

This adventure module is based on the Original rules set.

I want to thank +Thork Hammer for choosing me as a partner, this project and the previous Ice Maidens of the Frozen Horn (a free pdf) were great fun. We will probably be colaborating in the future on at least one more adventure. Stay tuned. Until then.....

Here are the links. Check them out, purchase as you desire. Thank you for your patronage.

Drive Thru RPG



And because this is an art thread and not just a pedal my wares thread here is an interior image for The Horror at Hillstead. 

Oni Warrior by Del Teigeler, Mavfire
Copyright Del Teigeler 2016

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Thorkhammer Project #2

I am teaming up with R.C. Pinnell ( +Thork Hammer ) again for a B/X module. 

This has been in the works for some time, (it has been me that has slowed it down) I am responsible for the cover, for which Thork wanted to use an older & Magazine piece I did of an Oni Caravan seen here and here.

A few interiors are in progress but I wanted to showcase a few works I have completed. 

Here is a group of PC's faced off against a couple Dire Wolves. 

Dire Wolf Attack by Del Teigeler
Copyright Del Teigeler 2016.

I am particularly happy with the armor and styling of the spear wielding elf on the left. He is a bit more poised than our cowering fighter on the right. Which PC are you?

Here is a stone giantess who resides in the Oni controlled fortress. 

Stone Giantess by Del Teigeler
Copyright Del Teigeler 2016
Being that she is in the Oni controlled fort, I figured they would have it decorated in a Asian styling. The banners were an after thought but they turned out well in my opinion. I had the penciling on her done back in November, but I finally got around to inking her yesterday. Scanned her in and did the grey scaling in GIMP (as my markers mysteriously ran out of ink. Thinking of changing from Prismacolors to something else. Any suggestions from my artist friends out there?)

I am not a fan of working digitally, but I guess I dont mind the grey scaling, I just am horrible at change, and like the feel of hand drawn stuff. 

The calligraphy on the banners is real Japanese and has meaning to the adventure. First comment to figure it out will receive a hand drawn original piece from my back catalog (winner's choice from non-reserved pieces.)

This is just a teaser, and I have to get back to the drawing board. Look for a link in future blog posts for the adventure these will be published in.   

Thanks for looking comments always welcome. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Kathryn's pic

My wife has been bugging me for something pretty or cute so that she can hang it in her office. She works in criminal justice and already has my "Justice" Piece hanging there. She fully knows I don't really work in those genres but she gave me leeway with it and demanded something for Christmas. 

She loves raccoons. And she has said that she doesn't mind faeries so I worked on this for a few weeks and delivered it to her on Christmas. Don't tell her but I rather enjoyed the process. 

Here is the rough. (Camera shots so pardon the rather dull images as compared to scanned stuff).

Kathryn's Pic by Del Teigeler
Copyright Del Teigeler 2015.

Forest critters hanging out together seemed to be "Cute" in my mind and though there are no real monsters depicted, if you ever visit the country these little beasties can be very evil.

And a few process shots.
Here I started inking in the raccoon. Seemed the most logical place to start the process seeing as the raccoon would be the main subject. I wanted him looking directly at the viewer, and I liked his position within a hollow of a tree. I used various photos found on a google search to make sure I got him right. 

Morning sun streaming through the window gives this next one a fun little look. 

Wings and foreground blossoms. At this point I was quite tired of using the brush on the faerie wings, all brush work with a new brush I found at a local art shop. This one happens to be a Windsor Newton Galeria 2. I priced out some of the series 7 brushes and I dont think I am quite ready to put out $30+ dollars on a brush I may ruin. But the Galeria brushes seem to hold the ink (speedball black) very well and are pretty durable. I found that I only had to shape it once after cleaning and it was good to go the next time I picked it up. The series 7's are probably much better but this did the trick. 

I really worked the critters fur here, the way the pelt falls on these things is different in every pic you look at, some have a defined pattern, some not so much, some of their fur looks kind of short and bristly and some long and fluffy. All I really wanted to do was give the impression that the fur was stretched over muscle and bone and I think I accomplished that. I also had to keep in mind the shadows as they fell across the fur. 

Continuing work on the inking. The blossoms were sort of a thought to bring the whole picture together, I could put some in the foreground and some in the background was my initial thought. But as I got going they were detail heavy, and in previous experience I didnt want a lot of detail in the background to distract from the main body of work. The branches I relied heavily on my Frazetta books, and roughed them in with the brush trying to achieve that dark shadowed natural feel to them. Then I used the pen to finish up the light side and and the squiggly details. 

Majority of inking done, just adding in some finishing touches.

I struggled mightily with the faerie's face. I must have inked it six or more times only to use a bit of whiteout and re-do it. I really need to work on my female faces. I just dont find the opportunity to draw females as much as I should. I really have to start some studies on those in the future. There are some masters out there that would have done justice and try as I might I could not channel any of them. I even broke out my old trusty "Making Comics the Marvel Way" and tried to channel some Buscema, alas to no avail. In the end her face is serviceable but not perfect. 

The tree work was very satisfying, I could pretty much just space out and squiggle my way through the details of the tree bark, anything I did seemed to turn out fine. I just had to keep reminding myself where the light was coming from and that alone kept me moving. I spent more time just filling space than usual, but it was brainless for the most part. 

And the final piece, at least as final as this blog will see it. I didnt get an opportunity to scan this one in, as for one I hadnt gotten my new wide format scanner, nor had I time to piece it together in GIMP, before I had to wrap it up and put it under the tree. 

The background got added here, just hinting at the larger forest around these two. I didnt want it to be too complicated, but at the same time, interesting for someone who might study it. I think it gives a feeling of a morning fog or mist rolling through the woods. 

I hope you like this one, it is different from my usual, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Needless to say, the wife loves it and she took it to work and hung it, so I guess that says about all that needs to be said. 

There are a few hidden things in the ink work too, but most of them are personal. Our childrens names, our anniversery year, and someone carved "I Love You" in the tree (that is the most readily recognizable one).

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome.