Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Oni (Ogre-magi) Caravan

     With & Magazine issue 10 ( on the horizon I thought I would post some WIP's to this blog so that everyone can see how I progress through a piece of artwork from concept to finish. After reading the article I began to visualize this image of several Oni driving this caravan across an empty expanse. I figured that they were moving their camp etc. and would be driving human slaves and maybe a horse or two along which would be carrying their gear and what-not. I wanted to show this from a straight on perspective so that in the article it would be placed maybe along the bottom edge.

    With that in mind I sketched out the following, and in ink (Prismacolor Premier 01 black fine line marker) filled in some of the details. The Oni figures in the sketch are less than 1.5 inches in height, and so it is very small. I would be enlarging the final to get more detail but this is just a sketch.
(Click to enlarge)

     The next phase was to enlarge the sizes of the Oni and their slaves. I started over and drew my guidelines making the Oni around 3.5 inches tall. Sketching out the details and getting the figures what I thought was the correct position and pose I started filling in the base inks (again with fine line Prismacolor). This is where the details really start to get filled in, and I work the final through to this point.
(Click to enlarge)

     As you can see there is quite a difference in the overall length and feel to this version. The characters are a bit more bunched up, they overlap so that depth is created. The movements and poses of the figures look more natural and like they belong together. The facial expressions of the slaves and the Oni are feeling a bit more complete, and the horse is rendered to scale with the rest of it.
     From here I will continue inking in the figures, adding in more and more depth with details, filling in the details on the box and adding in another set of slaves for the left hand Oni to drag. The details will get sharpened up as I go as well. Once the base inks are done, I will then move on to shading with marker and colored pencil, maybe ink in the background with india ink and add highlights with white gouache.
     I will try and post up the final for everyone to see later today.

Thanks for looking, keep drawing!

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