Monday, June 16, 2014

Kobold Shaman Part II

     I am continuing to work on the Kobold Shaman, adding final inks and marker/shading work to the pesky critter and starting to block in background details. I will continue to ink in the background and then begin shading and highlighting those areas that require it. I initially was not going to do a background, but I am trying to work on more and more backgrounds for my illustrations. 

In this final piece I added a few more trinkets to his wrist, and a pouch on his hip as well as the skull of some mammal on his rope belt. I have not yet put in the arcane sigils that will adorn his wooden breast plate, I will do that last and then highlight with white guache.

     Below is a work in progress. Hope you like these WIP's, I enjoy putting them up. 

(Click to Enlarge)

The darkness around the edges will fade into the center, showing that the light from his casting of the "net trap" spell illuminating the corridor. The majority of the bricks and stones will be dark except where the light reflects off of them. The lines I have in there now are just a baseline to get me started in the shading process, helps me get the stones and bricks level, and looking like they were stacked up one at a time. 

I think the most important thing that I learned in this particular drawing was the ceiling stones had to get bigger as they reached the edge of the page, this depicts a depth and distance to the overall illustration. I will do some similar work at the ground level, though I may make the floor more gravelly as it probably has been trod upon by countless generations of critters. 

Looks like this particular band of Kobolds took over a dwarven or human complex. What brave adventurers will get caught in his trap trying to regain their control of this dungeon?

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome!

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