Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rough work: Sketchbook

In an attempt to get back on schedule and to put some of my really rough work up here on this blog, I am sharing some more sketches. 

This first one was done while sitting in an seminar for work. I am a firefighter and sometimes certain sects of firefighters call fighting fire "slaying the dragon". A bit ambitious of those who call it that. Also, I wanted to show an old timey fireman in the scene as well. This started out as a doodle, and kept progressing until this stage. As of yet incomplete. It may never be finished. 

This next one is for a current project. I often play with different head wear, hairstyles and tattoos, to create the right look of the character that is being drawn. This is an example where I just copied the same head lightly and then added details to the copied head to see what looked best in the overall drawing. The nice thing about these, is they were at 100% scale, so I just cut them out and slid them over the original drawing so that I could see the concept head on the completed drawing. I chose the lower right one, but changed it a bit.

For these next few, I was playing around with barbarian concepts, and sketched this guy out. Problem with this one is that you cannot see the front features of him, still I like the hunched look and may use this in a future project. 

This one is another barbarian, I liked the action of it, and the cestus on his hand, but again when shot from the back you are not able to see his features. 
For these next two they were concepts for a new class in AS&SH really rough at this point, but I was trying to get the perspective and positioning right for the final image. It really helps to do a bunch of these little "thumbs" to get things right before putting them on final bristol with ink. 

Here is another of the same subject with a different set up. Again I am just working on the perspective of the main subject, so you can see I was playing with having him stand, or kneel and you can see several feet/lower legs that I was working with. 
This final one is a warrior figure holding a sword and perhaps attempting to cast a spell. For the most part only the head and sword arm were used in the final image. 
Alright, well there you have a glimpse into some more process pieces. I plan on putting up more final pieces as soon as the majority of the hard copies of AS&SH the Mystery at Port Greely arrive at people's door steps. I dont want to spoil anything. 

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome. 

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