Monday, March 28, 2016

More Port Greely

Less than a week left for +Jeff Talanian's "Mystery at Port Greely" kickstarter for the AS&SH campaign setting. 

Many of the pledge levels that have some of my original illustrations have been selected, and I want to thank those of you who read this blog who have contributed at those levels. There are still a few left, so if you have not gotten in on the action do so now. 

I have a whole stack of new artwork projects from Mr. Talanian, to include many of the new classes for the 2nd edition AS&SH hardcover book. That should hit kickstarter sometime after the completion of the Port Greely one. Stay tuned here for more information. 

Here are a few more drawings from the kickstarter. 

This first one is the fish-man bath. Look out for the fish-sticks! (Say that fast!)

(Copyright Del Teigeler 2016)

These dudes were enjoying a nice salinized bath, snacking on crustaceans, chewing on smokey lotus, and dreaming of their dark god, when your party of adventurers so rudely interrupted them. Will you become their sacrifice?

This was a very fun drawing to work on. I started off with a quick concept sketch.
(sorry about the orientation I could not get this to flip regardless of what I did)

Then after increasing the size of the pool to match the written description I moved to inks on bristol. 

After that I started heavy hitting the ink. 

(sorry about the orientation I could not get this to turn no matter what I did.)

Greys came next and I worked the background darker, and added a few tridents on the walls. 

I am real please with how this turned out, and I hope that one of you picked it up with the kickstarter. 

Thanks for looking and comments always welcome. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Mystery at Port Greely final days!

It doesn't seem all that long ago that +Jeff Talanian talked to me about his next project for the awesome Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerer's of Hyperborea Game and Campaign Setting, entitled "The Mystery at Port Greely", and yet now we are in the final few days of the Kickstarter campaign, and there is still a ton of original artwork out there for the grabs. 

This being the fourth fifth book I have worked on for North Wind Adventures and with rumors that the new Hardcover book of the game and campaign setting starting to circle the interwebs I am really excited about the opportunity that many of you have of picking up some of Peter Mullen's original artwork, and some of my own through the kickstarter. This is a great place for new people to jump on board as well. 

This is a great way of getting in on the action so to speak, and being apart of the growing community of AS&SH players, and GM's. I am proud to be a part of this project, and hope that you enjoy a bit more insight into this thing through this blog. 

Alright, so Port Greely is this town in Hyperborea where the people have started to change in not to dissimilar ways as the people in the H.P. Lovecraft Novella "The Shadow over Insmuth", a classic tale from pulp fiction that many of you have read (and if you haven't go do so!)

So here is a look at a few of the "Townies" sketches and the final illustration for the book. 

Townies Sketch by Del Teigeler
Copyright Del Teigeler 2016

The thought for this one was to have a male and female Townie portrayed but unlike the Lobstermen, these folk would not have such drastic changes to their bodies. They hadn't evolved as it were into full hybrid fish-men/women yet. 

This was the initial sketch I sent Jeff, and the only suggestion that he made was to make them a bit more balding. Not a problem. 

However, as I was composing the sketch I found that the lantern was a bit off, and the position of their arms/hand holding each other needed some adjustment as well. I was going for a look where the male was sort of helping the female, along, and sort of sheltering her a bit from whatever they may be encountering.  

I knew going in that they would be illuminated by the lantern, but I also knew that the lantern was not going to be brightly lit. These townies shun the light, for many reasons, and even though these two were not completely devoid of the "humanity" they were not going to be carrying a bright as daylight lantern with them. 

For the final I repositioned their hands, having the male holding the female's left hand left me room for the female to be holding something. What better to be holding than a rotten fish. 

The doorway in the background was sort of a last minute addition as I started to fill in the shadows I needed something to fit in there that had form and substance and "frame" them in. 

I receded the male's hairline a bit, and gave the female's hair more of a stringly thin, and scraggly look. 

Anyway here is the final. This is pen & ink only, and is roughly 4"x8"

Townies by Del Teigeler
Copyright Del Teigeler 2016

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hyperborea: The Port Greely Kickstarter

As many of you are aware North Wind Adventures and +Jeff Talanian are running a Kickstarter for his most recent adventure. Here is an except from the text. 

Until recently, the peculiar village of Port Greely was renowned as one of the most prolific exporters of crustaceans in the realm. Then, about three years ago, the Greely lobstermen severed all ties with outside partners. Subsequent attempts at renegotiation were shunned. More recently, a small group of Fishmongers’ Guild representatives from the City-State of Khromarium has gone missing in Port Greely, and answers have been less than forthcoming. At present, the guild seeks answers. They want to know what became of their representatives, and they wish to reestablish their lucrative partnership with the Port Greely lobstermen. Your party has been contracted to help resolve the mystery at Port Greely.

Jeff tasked me and Peter Mullen with the interior artwork for this one, and it funded within the first 7 hours. We have already met the first few bonus goals, and are working toward a third. 

Help us make this a great adventure for everyone!

Here is one of the pieces that is featured on the kickstarter, and here in a better view than a camera shot. 

So this is the beginning concept sketch, as you will see, what I read about the description of the encounter area, and what I put into this initial sketch the shelf and the area below were worked stone, and the river was enclosed in worked stone as well. 

I shipped this over to Jeff and he quickly advised that everything in this particular area was all natural stone, and so I had to go in and fix the sketch. I reworked the entire layout while I was at it. 

This is a great example of Jeff and I working together to make sure that the entire feel of the the artwork matches Jeff's written words. In another instance I added something to the final image, and Jeff then reworked the written part of it to add that detail to it. The word is collaboration and I could not thank Jeff enough for working and allowing his artist to work with him in shoring up all the finite details of one of these things. 

Below is how the final turned out. This one and others are available via the kickstarter as purchase tiers. 

Copyright Del Teigeler 2016
Thief on a stone Shelf

As you can see the aboleth and the shelf, the clam with the "black pearl" in it all changed from the original sketch. The skeleton stayed similar, and the river now flows from right to left top to bottom.

Over all I am super pleased with how this turned out. I used anew set of Windsor Newton Pro-markers for the greys on this one and I really like them a bit better than the Prismacolor ones I have used in the past. 

That poor female thief on the ledge really wanted that pearl, but alas her final resting place is only a few short feet from it. 

Thanks for looking, comments welcome as always.