Thursday, February 12, 2015

AS&SH: Monkey Men of Lemuria and more...

Well, it has been a long time coming but this is the final illustration for "Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess" Supplement for +Joe Salvador. Although I suspect +Jeff Talanian is not done with me yet!

Drawing this project to a close with the finished pieces of artwork seems like a great idea. So here goes nothing.

The first piece I did was the Auchenia, a prehistoric mix between a camel and llama with the trunk of an elephant.

Next came the Edmontonia, His heavy armor and protruding spikes help him aid in defense. 

I took a break from the traditional dinosaurs with the Terror Bird, this giant flesh eating bird of prey runs on the ground and though he has wings cannot fly. 

I returned to the traditional prehistoric lizards with the mighty Allosaurus. A thundering lizard not quite as large at the T-rex but just as notorius. I placed the girl in the foreground to show his scale, placing him smaller than the T-rex but still equally brutal.  

From there we looked at the Equijubus, a vegetarian breed who are often hunted, by tribesmen for both food and domestication. I thought that adding in the bowman helped show an action scene and registered surprise on the face of the dino.

As I progressed with this project I found I would do several sketches at a time, working on two or sometimes three dinosaurs at once. It helped me complete the job more rapidly, and that way I could fit in all of my projects and meet my dead lines. I worked on both the Ceolurus and the Shunosaurus at the same time. I saved adding the hare into the Ceolurus scene before finalizing it. 

Next came Pegomastax, the sketch for which was one of my initial sketches and I dug the little guy so much I told myself that once I had the majority of the prelims done and the inks done on the above illustrations, I would go back to the Pegomastax.

After Pegomastax I recieved notice that +Jeff Talanian needed several more pieces done, and one of them was the Tomb Guardians or Terracotta Warriors. 

By far the most difficult of these illustrations for me was the Strycosaurus. That head of his just didnt look right no matter what I did. I turned it left, turned it right, and finally caught this somewhat 3/4 view. Then positioning that head atop his body without him goring himself was the next feat. Accomplished I moved on.

The Touijangosaurus came next, and while I had a simple sketch of him from the beginning, raising his tail and looking behind him, I didnt actually work on him til near the end of the project. The plates on his back were difficult to get right and I thought I was going to wear a hole in the sketch paper from all of the erasing. I managed it all right, and eventually got him transferred over to Bristol and inked him in.
He looks like a happy go lucky kind of dino, and no matter how I tried I could not get the smile off of his face. It tormented me, and still does. Still, maybe he is thinking, "Go ahead make my day!"

Copyright Del Teigeler 2015. Licensed by Jeff Talanian, North Wind Adventures LLC. 2015.
Finally I come to the Monkey Men of Lemuria. These guys were an addition to the project list and I had a ton of fun sketching them out. I pieced them together from sketches of several furry arms, heads hands and other studies I did to try and master the fur and highlights/shadows. These guys were so much fun to draw, including the glyph stones and tails. 
They are semi-intelligent and often take stuff from men whom they encounter, thus one has a rather elegant head band, one has a golden chain about his neck and one has a bit of rag tied as a scarf over his shoulders. 

I really enjoyed working on this project, I hope that it shows in my work. I truely think that some of this is the best stuff I have ever done. 

Extra Special Thank You goes out to Jeff Talanian of Northwind Adventures LLC and Joe Salvador writer of "Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess." Be sure to check it out when the Kickstarter hits. 

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome. 

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