Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kobold Shaman studies

     For the last few days I have been reading some submissions for & Magazine ( ) to include what may be content for issue 10 on shapechangers. One of the articles calls for a few art pieces based on Kobold Shaman spells written by +Daniel Rasaiah . It got me thinking that I had never drawn or had the first clue what "my" kobold would look like. I started sketching heads, and arms and hands (unfortunately I have not scanned them in), and then worked up this version.

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     Needless to say a bit too cartoon-like for my tastes. Let me know what you think. 

     I know there are alot of folks out there who have different visions of the Kobold, including Liz Stewart of  the podcast who has explained her "cute puppies" version several times on air. While I dig the idea of the kobolds being "dog-like" after reading several descriptions I wanted my version to be more offshoots of lizard kind or long lost relatives of dragon kind. 

     So for my next, and probably final version I changed the posture making it more "action pose" oriented, and changed and added more details. The illustration below is in its inking stages, and once I finish it I will add it to this post. 
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     I am not happy with the left leg's crooked toe, and I will fix that in the final version. I am quite happy with the "planks" of wood for armor and will probably work in some sort of arcane script on it, along with the wood grain process that I intend to explain in a future blog. 
     This particular spell is one where the shaman improves the functionality of net traps, and thus the magically radiated net above his head. I am looking forward to finishing this drawing soon and uploading it here when finished. 
Thanks for looking, comments are welcome, Keep Drawing!

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  1. These kolbolds are awesome! They have character. Keep up the terrific work.