Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gobo at work

At work for 5 days straight (in between answering emergency calls for service of course) is a good time to work on some concept sketches for the "Humanoids" issue of & Magazine

This little guy came out of my Dixon Ticonderoga "soft" pencil, as freely as ever, which surprised me as usually at work I have a bit of artists block. Perhaps it has been the 36 hours straight working at the fire station that has the creative juices kind of in a blitz. Either way I thought I would share the early concept sketch.

After a bit of post production work in Gimp 2, he looks about as good as a scan on a office scanner gets when done in light pencil. 

I will eventually ink him in, make the staff look more like a natural stick, and improve the look of the warthog jawbone piece strapped to the top. I may hunch him over a bit more, bringing his center of gravity more over his scrawny legs, and add a few more details to the ramshackle shield. 

Not sure if I will leave him barefooted, or wrap his tootsies in leather rags. 

I actually like the broken rusted sword on his hip, and I may bring that around to the front to show off it's detail a bit more. I dig his head, and especially that goblin smile. Huge nose, pointy ears, gangling and sinewy arms and legs and that should complete him. We'll see...maybe he is just one of a group that will be the final illustration. 

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome. 

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