Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Random Gamers Guild: Xanniz Worm

The Xanniz worm is an underground beast created by Matt Hargenrader for his "Dwellers in the Dark Places" monster guidebook, and one of the many in this series I have published here. 

This critter is quite nasty, and the illustration mostly speaks for itself. 

Xanniz Worm, Del Teigeler, Mavfire, Illustration, Creature, Monster
Copyright Del Teigeler 2014. Licensed to Matt Hargenrader 2014.

I drew the Haldroon before I drew the Xanniz and I learned quite a bit about how these creeps move about, and the lines that work and those that don't. To be completely honest I like this guy better than the Haldroon, but both have a certain shiver down the spine kind of feel. 

The idea for the giant mandibles came from several variety of beetle that I googled and the long sticky tongue I gave raised bumps on it to indicate that rough cat like texture. I cannot imagine running into this thing. Not to mention the fact that its ability to make fists with his hands/feet indicate he has some form of intelligence. Not a good combination to make your foe.

I haven't even hinted at the stinger at the end of his body either. Venomous and jagged like a saw, so not only can he prick some unsuspecting adventurer dealing poison but also slash at them. Yikes. 

His bug like eyes were fun to do, and started off looking like cross hatch madness before inking. I am especially proud of his body turning, something that working on the Haldroon taught me for sure. And his underbelly with a hint of bony bumps along his sides are there to protect his body from sharp rocks and such. 

I have to smile though, because to me, the body looks sort of like the bugs in the cooties game seen here.

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