Saturday, January 10, 2015

Genius Loci Games: Pyramid of the Lost king...

Doing my part to help promote the latest offering from +Johua De Santo of Genius Loci Games via Kickstarter. I have been tapped as one of the interior artists along with +Frank Turfler.

Here is the first of my pieces a snake rider.

Copyright Del Teigeler 2015. Licensed to Johua De Santo 2015.

Check out the Kickstarter here. If you want to see more, contribute, and thanks in advance. 

At first I was going to take it easy on this one. +Johua De Santo simply requested a snake riding Egyptian warrior. The initial sketches were just that, snake writhing and the man plopped up top. But somehow that wasn't enough, and the lead was flowing so I let it. I popped in the temple structure first (the one that you can barely see to the left of the snake), and then the obelisk. 

As I progressed I just kept jotting in buildings in a similar style. Before I knew it there were a dozen buildings with no thought to the end. I knew I had to limit the piece as I was rapidly running out of space on the Bristol 

I am quite fond of those little buildings with the domed roofs, kinda remind me of Mos Eisley. But I didnt want to over due them either. 

What great town anywhere in a fantasy setting would be complete without a wall to protect it. However, how was an Egyptian wall drawn? That was a good question and I started with the "tower" in the foreground (just under the f in Mavfire) and from there I blocked in the walls and other towers. 

I progressed on and figured I might as well add some depth to the drawing and sketched in the sand dunes, and finally deciding there needed to be some vegetation around I plopped in some palm type trees along the exterior. (coincidentally I had just returned to the fridged northern climes of Michigan after my brief vacation in Florida and the Bahamas, so I didn't need too much inspirational googling.)

I am satisfied with this piece and hope it is well received by you folks. 

Thanks for looking and comments always welcome.

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