Monday, January 5, 2015

Random Gamers Guild Work: Haldroon

This is another creature done for Matt Hargenrader and the Random Gamers Guild project for his book "Dwellers in the Dark Places" that will be available on Kickstarter later this year. 

The Haldroon is a subterranean creature much like the purple worm of classic games. 

Haldroon, Del Teigeler, Mavfire, Illustration, Creature, Monster
Copyright Del Teigeler 2014. Licensed to Matt Hargenrader 2014.

The powerful mandibles and spiked tail make him a ferocious underground denizen. The single clawed appendages help him move with uncanny speed and agility over the stalagmites and rough floor of the caverns in which he dwells. 

I went with a dark background here, and put him in among some stalagmites and stalactites. 

Over all I a pretty satisfied with this illustration, I do not work much with nearly completely black background, and it can be challenging. Most artist tend to leave a small white gap between the figure and the black background, and I experimented with that here to some success. 

This was a fun one to do, and the next post will show yet another of these worm like creatures. 

Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome.  

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