Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coelurus, and Shunosaurus

I am continuing work on the AS&SH Dinosaurs and am simultaneously inking two of them. I thought I would pop on before I put the pens down for the day and put up some work in progress images. 

The first is a nearly completed Coelurus (See-loo-rus), this is a smallish dinosaur that wast mostly food for larger

As I stated before when I posted up the sketch, he is a sprinty little critter, and I put him in a pose to suggest he was changing direction. His patterning will help hide him from prey, as well as protect him from predators.

Copyright Del Teigeler 2014. Licensed North Wind Adventures LLC.

I will eventually add a bit of background to help show his scale.

This next one took a bit to work out and I have several sketches to post up of the progress. I first had him in this straight up pose. Looking at an elephant standing on his hind legs for reference.

I thought his posture was kind of bland so I pushed the limits and came up with this version.

The Shunosaurus!

I much prefer this more action packed version, the flow and movement of his neck and tail suggest that he is in much more distress, and is fending off something. 

Here are the initial inks as well. 

Alot of work left to do, but good progress. 

Thanks for looking, and comments are always welcome. 

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