Friday, October 2, 2015

& Magazine Character Studies IV

The fourth and final of these illustrations for & Magazine was perhaps the most interesting couple I had to draw. 

Here we have a smallish male (Jorma) and a half-ogre female (Casady), an odd couple to say the least. 

Once again these were drawn separately and then merged digitally. I wanted to make Jorma very demure for a male, slightly handsome and slighty roguish. 

For Casady she had to have that half-ogre look, but what human male would really go for an ugly half-ogre? While there are probably a few out there who would, I didnt think Jorma would be one of them. So she had to be slightly brutish, but have a subtle "prettiness" as well. 

When I first submitted this one to +Bryan Fazekas he reminded me that Casady was a half-ogre, as I had drawn them roughly the same size, they didn't fit the article. Well, that is what good editors do! I had totally screwed the pooch so to speak. A human and a half-ogre the same size. Jeesh what was I thinking?

Thank god that I had drawn the two separate and then joined them in GIMP. It was a time saver in the end. It was a simple fix to crop them out of their odd pairing and then re-size Casady to fit the actual size of a half-ogre. 

Here is the result. 

Jorma and Casady by Del Teigeler, Mavfire
Copyright Del Teigeler 2015.
For these Character Studies, I really concentrated on the facial shape and hair. I really wanted to strive for realistic sketches of the characters, rather than the comic-style black and white that I typically work in. For Jorma that mean that I gave him a slender fave, with stout nose and a bit of a pouty look. (He is married to a half-ogre after all). His hair I gave that 80's feather with a bit of a mullet, and some scraggle of a beard, tho not full like his father.

He wears a light linen shirt with a simple stitch pattern, and his eyes show a bit of his father with the squint. 

For Casady, I gave her straggly Ogre hair, but I made sure that it was kempt, (again I had to make her suitable for a human male). I gave her a broad ogre like brown and wide nose, dotted with either a wart or a nose piercing (viewer's choice.) Her eyes are soft, non-ogery (if that is a word) perhaps harkening back to her human progeny. 

I gave her a woolen sweater with broad collar, because thinking about it, what else would a female half-ogre wear. I am not thinking many seamstresses sew dresses in her size!

Well, there you have all four couples (eight characters in all), happy simple sketches and the whys and where-fores of their designs. 

Hope this was interesting enough to hold your attention. 

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome.  

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