Saturday, July 12, 2014

Proud Foot and Archer Isometric

& Magazine issue 9 had me drawing three isometric floor plans. I know I have posted these before on G+ but those were not very high quality, and when perusing issue 9 I found them to be blurry and (to me) unacceptable for use in game etc. So, I present them again in a png format which when printed, blown up and viewed on large format screens tends to maintain detail better than jpg. 

The first one I did was Proudfoot & Archer, and the article was written by Jeff Bowes.

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(open in a new tab for an even larger view)

I not only wanted to capture the floor plan for each of the "Domiciles" but also a feel for the exterior and each of the levels as discussed in the article. I have to say that being the first, this particular isometric took me forever to layout. It started in sketch form, just trying to get the feel that I wanted out of it, and then progressing. I actually did three different ones of this particular isometric before I settled on the one I was happy with. (I can post those up if there is interest.) 

I started with the very bottom of the image and worked my way up, as everything inside and outside of the building overlapped. The entire drawing took over twelve hours to complete over multiple days. I penciled everything in to start, and checked size relationships before final inking.

For the most part I winged it on what should be in the joint. As the article suggested these two "finders" essentially stole, or borrowed items to resell later. Everything from adventure gear, to weapons to rare magical finds. 

I am most happy with the back room where the items are strewn across that long table. And most unhappy with the stairway, I have found that stairs in isometric are very complicated to render. 

Ink covered everything and then I went back in with black prismacolor colored pencil for shading and textures. 

Hope you like it and are able to use it in one of your gaming session. 

Thanks for looking, comments are always welcome. 

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