Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pimping Hyperborea

+Jeff Talanian just launched his Kickstarter for three adventure modules that I have artwork in. Please help Jeff reach his goals, you can check out his kickstarter here.

As an added feature of this kickstarter, at certain levels, you can be the proud owner of original artwork for the first time by yours truly. 

Yes, this Kickstarter is the first place that you can own original finished drawings by me. (I think I felt the earth shake just a little bit.) 

I am excited, and a bit anxious to let go of these or any originals, but I will include a certificate of authenticity, and a personal greeting with each illustration I send to Jeff to send off to those lucky supporters.
I appreciate the support of those who check in here regularly, and give their comments, and Plus's.

Thanks for looking. 

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