Monday, April 6, 2015

Hyping Hyperborea! Chasm of the Faceless King. (and small Garycon review)

Gary Con was a huge success for me, I was able to meet some of the big names of role-playing including +Frank Mentzer+Jayson Elliot +Luke Gygax +Ernie Gygax +Stephen Chenault +Jon Hershberger  and +Jeff Talanian among many other great gamers.

It started off for me on Friday night, and as happenstance favored me I met Luke right off the bat, though he probably doesn't remember, I caught him walking out of the "Con Office". I talked to him briefly and he informed me that I was too late to get a badge, but could get one in the morning, and was so nervous that I forgot to network some of my artwork to him. Hey.... I was new to the scene, being the first Con I have attended, and meeting him I was just not that prepared okay. 

I had the pleasure of sitting in and watching Jeff run "Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess" which will feature 12 of my pieces of artwork, and written by +Joe Salvador. His table was packed, but I grabbed a corner and watched as they worked their way through the Fane. From what I saw of the adventure there are some nasty surprises in store for those of you who are able to pick it up when the kickstarter kicks off. 

On Saturday, I made my way to the dealers hall, met with Jeff and he gave me a few comp copies of "Chasm of the Faceless King" (see below for images) Yea!.  He will be offering this OSRIC compatible mini-adventure soon on his website I was commissioned to do the cover for him, and I think it turned out fantastic. While a small adventure in scope the details and encounters are fantastic, er nasty.... but you will see what I mean later!

I networked huge on Saturday Jeff's booth was set up next to Jon's and Roy's booth and I talked with both briefly. +Roy Snyder introduced me to Stephen Chenault of Troll Lord Games. I shopped my portfolio to him and had a good conversation with him, and may be doing some work with him in the future. 

Jayson I met briefly in the lobby of the Con, and he seemed interested in my work as well, and I was able to slip Ernie a card as he was dashing into the mens room. I felt like a politician most of Saturday, shopping my artwork and shaking hands. 

I spoke briefly with Frank, got his autograph on my beat up copy of the red box DMG, and slipped him a business card. He was impressed and told me to get one to Chris at the Eldritch Ent booth, which I promptly did. Frank incidentally introduced me to  +Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon Games. What a great bunch of guys, everyone at the Con was warm and inviting. 

Saturday night I sat in on the auction, but everything there was going for more money than I had to offer, some great stuff for a great cause. I am not sure how much they earned but several pieces of artwork by Easley and Butler fetched decent amounts, as did an original Gary chess set. It was amazing being able to see some of the artifacts from the hay day of TSR too. 

Overall the highlight of the convention for me was getting to meet Jeff, and speak to him in person. What a great guy, and solidified the fact that he is such a stand-up guy in my book and I look forward to working for him in the future. 

Okay, I know I have been droning on and building anticipation for "Chasm of the Faceless King" which did I mention you will be able to pick up shortly on North Wind Adventures website.

Here is the cover of the adventure:
copied from Ghul's post on

And here is the original of the cover image. THE FACELESS KING (aka XXUBLEKS)

Xxubleks by Del Teigeler, Mavfire
Copyright Del Teigeler 2015. Licensed to Jef Talanian 2015.

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome.

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