Monday, September 15, 2014

Witches Stew Final

In as much as I had wanted to get this illustration done a while ago, it didn't happen. I previewed it here, in sketch form and I finally got around to inking it in. I used Pigma Micron pens, and Prismacolor neutral grey markers to finish her off. 

I scanned it in via several different modes, as both grey-scale, and color, this one happens to be the color version, and I think it showed alot more detail and gave the illustration a better overall feel. 

She is creeping me out, so now I have to put her away in the art folder. 

(Click to Enlarge)

The process started with me inking in all the lines, and then erasing all of the pencil marks. I thought I might rip through several times (as the original sketch was done on copier paper at work), but I managed to get her cleaned up and spotless. 

I then got to work adding in the extreme black areas, her right shoulder, and under the bowl, as well as around her neck/back areas. 

I then moved to the Prismacolor markers. Working from 216 (10%) grey all the way through 221 (60%) grey, each one progressively getting darker on the left side of the drawing, as the light was coming from the right. I blended them in each layer and kept working in the grey tones until I got to a point that I liked the effect. 

Finally I used a 05 Pigma Pen and darkened in the right side lines, and other points where the lines needed freshening after applying the markers. 

The final bit I did was the texture of the bowl itself. I worked with a 005 Pigma and made the wormy marks that signified the pottery feel to the bowl.

Anyway, now that she is done, I can concentrate on the Ettin and the Troll that I put up in sketch form. 

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome. 

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