Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ettin and Troll Sketches

I recently went to Colorado for my sister's wedding, and figuring I would have some down time during the flights, I took out the sketchbook and sketched in some drawings. & Magazine will be publishing issue 11 in November and I wanted to get going on several of the items that may be seen there. 

The first sketch is an Ettin, those two headed giants that are not known for their smarts. I did this one on the plane out, and it drew tons of comments from the others who rode along with me, and the stewardesses who kept passing me by. My wife was getting tired of having people stop by and go "ooh"...I just chuckled. 

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I will work on inking this one in, fixing the ettin's right arm (ran out of room on the page), and making it more realistic. I like the idea of the large club over it's shoulder, but I have to rework it a bit. The head that is turned away will get a make over as well. Should be a fun illio when done.

This next airplane sketch was done on the travel back to Michigan. Again this one will probably be picked up in an upcoming issue of & Magazine. 

I hadn't really drawn a troll before, and having no reference material close by, I just kind of winged it. I wanted to create this feel of the troll clambering up out of a dingy hole, or from under something. I added in the rocks, will be adding in some moss curtains. 

I have to fix the troll's right hand for sure, that thing is way off. I like the nose, but the mouth may get an overhaul when I apply the final inks. He is going to get a ton more warts, scars, and general skin textures before he is complete, not to mention his beard and hair will be given a treatment. Troll conditioner on the way. :)

I took some pictures of rock formations when I was out in Colorado, and I will probably use some of those as reference for the ones to the left and right. Good use of photographic reference.  

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I will try and get these inked up this week and get the finals out for everyone to see. 

One final word before I log off. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time to look at my stuff lately. I know that in the grand scheme of life a few random scribbles from someone like me doesn't mean much, but the fact that I had over 90 page views and over 30+'s for the Goblin Warrior Final in two weeks, means I must be doing something right. 

For that I wanted to say thanks for your support, time and +'s it really does mean a lot. As long as you guys want to see more, I will keep posting. Much appreciated. 

Thanks for looking, and as always comments welcome. 

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